Searching and Booking

  • How do I make changes to my reservations?

    You may cancel your reservation for a full refund at any time up to and including your scheduled arrival date. If you used Parking Points or Credits for some or all of your payment, that portion will be refunded in the form of Credit to your account.

    If you cancel after your scheduled arrival date, your deposit will be refunded in the form of a credit to your account. The Service Fee will not be refunded.

  • How do I cancel my reservation?

    We understand that plans change and you might need to cancel your airport parking reservation. We offer all of our clients a hassle free cancellation process. The fastest way to do it is online, just sign-in, look for your reservation, and press the cancellation button. If you would like assistance you can email us at customerservice@parkinghunt.com or call our customer service line at 1-866-360HUNT (360-4868).

    We do ask our customers to please cancel your reservations before your arrival date. We are unable to cancel reservations after you were scheduled to arrive and we are also unable to refund any services fees associated with your reservation.

  • What do I need to bring during my travel date?

    You need to bring a printed copy of your receipt. This is mandatory in order to receive credit for your deposit. We will not issue any refunds if you forget to bring the receipt and do not get the credit, so please bring a copy of the receipt with you. If you cannot print it, please contact our customer service line and we can fax it to you (at least 24 hours in advance) or we can mail it to you (at least 7 days in advance).

  • How much time in advance do I need to arrive to the parking lot to make sure I catch my flight?

    We normally suggest to our clients to arrive at least one hour earlier than how you would normally arrive if you were being dropped off. Remember to consider the time of the day, distance from airport, and whether it's a holiday. In most cases, shuttles run every 20 minutes from the parking lots to the airport and can sometimes make an additional stop before getting there.

  • What if I leave my car parked longer than my reservation?

    Don't worry. You can leave your car for longer if you like. Upon your return to the parking lot, the attendant will calculate any remaining charges. The rate on your receipt is guaranteed and they should not raise the prices on you.

  • How do I get to the airport after I park?

    All of our pre-qualified parking lot partners need to provide shuttle service to/from the airport within 20 minutes of arrival. The airport transportation service is complementary with your reservation. When returning for your car, in most cases, the parking lots will have a designed shuttle area for all their customers. You can go there and wait for a shuttle servicing your parking spot. For more detailed information, we have included precise instructions in your parking lots company profile at ParkingHunt.com.

  • How do I contact the parking lot?

    All contact information for our pre-qualified parking lots can be found on our website. Just do a search for your particular city and click on the more info tab next to the parking lot's name. There you will find their phone numbers, address, locations, etc. You can also find this information in your receipt.

  • Can I make a reservation under a different name?

    Everyday we receive reservations made by third parties. Please go ahead and make reservations for family members, friends, and colleagues. Just make sure you enter the driver's name accurately.

  • How can I get coupon codes?

    We offer a variety of coupon codes to our loyal customers. If you would like to receive some, please signup for our newsletter or make a reservation with us. We will email you many types of specials and exclusives.

  • How does the deposit pricing work?

    It works the same way as in most places you normally pay a deposit. Paying a deposit in advance secures your parking spot and guarantees quality service. Particularly during holiday seasons, its normal for airport parking lots to run out of spot or raise their rates. By booking at ParkingHunt.com, you can secure a rate and a spot for your travel dates.
    Just please remember to bring a printed copy of your receipt with you during your travel date. The parking lot attendant will ask for this receipt in order to discount your pre-paid deposit from your total amount. All the payment information is detailed in your receipt.
    If your travel plans change, hereís a quick guide:

    • If you will arrive to the parking lot at a later date, please call our customer service line to change your reservation.

    • If you will be parked a few extra days, donít worry. Once you arrive at the parking lot the attendant will make the necessary adjustments.

  • Can I park an over-sized vehicle?

    In most cases, oversize vehicles (those that take 2 or more spaces) are not allowed to use our service. You will have to contact the parking lot directly.

Can't find the information you are looking for? Email customerservice@parkinghunt.com